Saturday, July 2, 2011

"When John Paul II nearly recognized Israel"

When John Paul II nearly recognized israel: an untold story , by Lisa Palmieri-Billig. Vatican Insider June 25, 2011:
John Paul II wanted Vatican recognition of Israel long before December 30, 1993 when diplomatic relations were sealed in Jerusalem with the signing of the Fundamental Agreement between the State of Vatican City and the State of Israel.

Clear signs of John Paul II’s intentions were already evident in his April 20, 1984 Apostolic Letter “Redemptionis Anno” when he used the term “State of Israel” for the very first time in an official Vatican document (“For the Jewish People who live in the State of Israel and who preserve in this land such precious witness of their story and faith, we must invoke a desired security and just tranquility which is the prerogative of every nation and condition of life and progress for every society.”)

Ambassador Nathan Ben-Horin - a retired Israeli diplomat who served three times as Israel’s unofficial emissary to the Vatican in the Rome Embassy between 1961 and 1985 is presently in Rome for the launch of his recent book, "Nuovi Orizzonti tra ebrei e cristiani". In this interview, he explains the change in world circumstances that first impeded and then made possible the historic breakthrough between the Vatican and Israel. ... [Read the rest].